3rd Leg AZ 3D Pinal Mountain Gathering

Camping space is limited and at a first come basis. There will be no reservations. If our camp area is full there are great camping areas further up the Pinals on the pass and peak sides. There are no passes or fees required to camp in these areas. All hotels/motels are within a 20 min or less drive from the club. As always we look forward to this shoot and to seeing all of you!

One thought on “3rd Leg AZ 3D Pinal Mountain Gathering”

  1. I’ve heard from several other archers about the steep climbs and out of position shooting on the last couple shoots. Please remember that archery is a family sport, safety is paramount. An individuals climbing ability or physical shape should no be a factor. We have shooters of all ages competing in respective categories. Everyone in The Master Class is 65 and older and should not have to worry about having to climb mountains to compete. Many of these archers have injuries that won’t allow them to even make it up some of the steep canyon trails without extreme pain and difficulty. You do not need someone falling or having a heart attack because one of your members decided to blaze a new trail that pushes the limits for physical endurance.

    Please do not put your club at risk of earning a bad reputation and losing competitors because someone wanted to make it extremely hard to navigate the terrain and make out of position shots your new normal.

    I’ve enjoyed your archery range for nearly 40 years. There is no reason to start this new trend of extreme conditions to compete.

    This is not me complaining as I did not participate. But I must tell you that I was listening to all of those that did, and they thought it was ridiculous and very unsafe and someone is going to have a serious fall and resulting injury. Not if, but when.

    Please take this as constructive criticism before it causes a real life problem for your club and it’s reputation.

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