Club Turkey Shoot

Saturday November 18th will be our Club Turkey Shoot. It is a members only shoot.  It will be 1 round of 20 targets. Minimum 5 can food entry per shooter. Any non perishable food items will be accepted as well. All donations will be given to our local food bank.


All our meetings will be held the first Wednesday of every month. All members are encouraged to attend and participate.

There will be a meeting tonight at 6:00pm in the club house. Our next meeting will be held Wednesday December 6th at 6:00pm.

2017/2018 Nominations and Elections

Please get your nominations in for board members within the next week. All nominations will be kept confidential. You can send them by email, private message or leave them with Tracey at 4B and they will be picked up by a board member. Elections will be held at our next meeting on Wednesday October 4th at 6:00pm in the club house.
Current Board Members
President- LLoyd Keller
Vice President- Chris Bejarano
Treasurer- Samantha Keller
Secretary- Christina Bejarano
Range Captain- Joe Whitterman
Shoot Chairman- Randy Bejarano
Current Board Member Elects
Registration- Dave Baragon
Range Captain- Jessica England
PR/ Secretary- Anna Bejarano

September Update

There will be a meeting tonight Wednesday, September 6th at 6:00pm in the club house.

Board Member elections will be held at the next meeting in October. Please if you can get your nominations in before then or attend the meeting and make your elections at that time we would really appreciate it.

Meetings will be held the first Wednesday  of every month at 6:00pm in the club house. All members are encouraged to attend. A tentative schedule  has been made for 2018 some of the dates may change. As it comes closer to time flyers will be made with more specific information on them for each shoot.

June Update

Thank you to all of you that could make it to the Timber Camp shoot. It was a great weekend! It is that time of year again registration for club membership is due. Changes have been made and the lock is being changed this week for the gate. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask or email.

Reminder our monthly club meeting is tonight at 7:00pm in the club house.


Timber Camp 2017

Timber Camp is back and we couldn’t be more excited! I will post more details as far as camping, parking and cost as I get them. As always we look forward to seeing and hearing from all of you.

Reminder it is our club registration renewal as well. Old keys need to be turned in and new ones will be given in return. If you have not filled out a new registration form you will need to do so at this shoot.

Our monthly meeting will be held tomorrow Wednesday April 3rd at 7:00pm in the club house. As always your attendance and input is greatly appreciated.

The 3rd Leg of the AZ 3D Championship had a great turn out! Thank you to all of the shooters and to all who could help out. The score will be posted under the tab (AZ 3D Championship Series) to the left of the page.

We only have two more shoots before we are done for the summer. May 13th is the Fire Fighter shoot and the first weekend in June is Timber Camp. We are very excited to have that back this year and we hope you are to!




AZ 3D Championship Series

The 3rd leg of the series is coming up on Saturday and Sunday April 29th & 30th. Reminder camping space is limited and there will be no reservations. Parking and camping are at a first come first serve basis. Registration will be open Friday April 28th in the club house.

Any volunteers that would like to help out with this shoot we ask that you be there Friday. At that time we will go over all the information that you will need.

We look forward to seeing all of you there!

Series Update

The overall scores from our Traditional and Buckle Series are ready to view under the links for each shoot on the left hand side of our website. Thank you all for participating and making these shoots successful Congratulations to all of our winners! Pictures will be uploaded to our galleries page for you to view and save if you would like. Any and all feedback regarding our shoots is appreciated.

Home of the 3rd leg of the Arizona 3D Championship series